Monday, February 4, 2008

15 months and the sickies!!

The boys had their 15 month check up today!! Dr. Johnson said they looked like perfect little boys. She was not concerned at all that they don't walk. She said they don't start worring about that until 18 months. 3 months and counting. Sean is 23lbs 5 oz (45%) and 32in (75%) long. Owen is 23lbs 8oz (45%) and 31 1/4 inches (50%). They had to get two shots today. Sean was a champ. He barely wimpered when she did the second shot. Owen, on the other hand, cried almost the entire way home (and it is a 30 min drive).

They have an assesment on the 13th with Children's Developmental Services to see if they need any physical Therapy. I think Sean will be fine, however, I do feel that Little Owen will need some assistance before he will walk on his own.

And the sickies....Delaney and Jessica. Jessica has been fighting ear infections for 2 weeks now. It started with her rigth ear, then that ear drum busted, then her left ear. She is home from school today with her ear still hurting and complaining of an upset stomach.

Delaney has been up since 5am throwing up. She is sleeping now. I hope when she wakes up she will be feeling much better.

Thank goodness Scott was able to go into work late this morning so he stayed home with the girls while I took the boys to the Dr.


Jenn H said...

Hope the girls get to feeling better quick!!! Great weight and heights for the boys, they are both so cute, poor Owen... tell him I don't like shots either!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Poor little O crying so much from his shots!
I hope the girls are feeling better soon.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh My... hope Delany and Jessica are better!... Poor Owen, he got scared!