Friday, February 15, 2008

Sean and Owen had PT assesment

Let's start with Sean: When we first scheduled the appt, we were concerned that Sean was not bending his right knee when he was walking, but just kind of swinging it around like and old man with a limp. However, we have noticed the past few days that he has gotten much better. The therapist were very pleased with his progress. Average score is 85+ with the highest being 115. His overall score was 95. Not bad at all. His Motor skill scores were higher than his problem solving skills (I am sure "problem solving" is not the right term, but that is all I can think of right now).

Owen, what can I say? After 15 months of life and us thinking that there was something wrong with our sweet little Owen because "he doesn't do the things the other kids can do" we find out we have a boy genuis on our hands!! His over all scores were 97. Only two points HIGHER than Seans, but get this. His motor skills were 81, which is slightly below average, his verbal was pretty low too, but his problem solving....112 and 113! Almost the highest possible score!! She said she testing him twice on a couple of things because she thougth maybe it was just a fluke that he got them!! For example, she had 4 nesting cups, wher one goes inside the other. He got all four of them stacked on the first try, TWICE!! No trial and error!! She had a puzzle that had a circle and a triangle and she showed him once where each piece went, he put them in the correct space!! We were all shocked and amazed!! I am still in shock! Could it be true? She said that while Sean has been working hard on learning to walk and do other physical things, Owen's mind has been working in a different way. He sits and tries to figure out how things work.
We wanted Owen tested first and formost for his feet. He points out, ALOT! There was a PT her and she was not too concerened about that. She said that is cosmetic and that it would be hard to find a Dr that would do anything about it. She said that around 18 months I would most likely start to see it correct itself as he starts walking more. We shall see.
We (we meaning Scott) did come out and ask if Owen showed any signs of Autisim. She said absolutly not! So that was refreshing. As you may know, I have had that concern off and on since he was born.

So all in all it was a good appt. Neither will need any kind of therapy at this time!! I guess you can say that Sean is going to be our little athlete and Owen is going to be an engineer!! I am ok with that!!


The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG, you see, we never know what our kids are thinking, imagine that Owen was so occupied in his talented mind!!!! GOOD, and sean the athletic one, you sure have a perfect DUO!

BoufMom9 said...

Woohoo! So glad to hear it all went so well! How cool! Yeah, I'd be happy with an athlete & an engineer too. ;)

Jenn H said...

Awesome news!!! Perfect little boys, no worries mama!!! I am so glad that your mind can be put at ease now, I know how tiresome that little niggle of worry in the back of your mind can be!

bestfamily said...

Oh my. O is just amazing! And S is just gonna run circles around you guys.