Friday, April 11, 2008

April...OH what a month!!

I realized this morning that Scott and I have been together for 10 years!! As of yesterday, as a matter of fact!! (I am sure Scott does not remember most of these dates) Even though we met in February of '99, We did not start dating until April. Why? You ask. Quite simple...I thought he was a jerk! I must remind you, though, that when I met Scott, I had already been married, divorced and I had two children. Scott, who is couple years younger than me, was living the perfect bachelor life. He was fresh out of college, living in an appartment next door to his best friend. I thought "there was no way this 'boy' could handle the life I have and all the baggage that comes with it", so I tried HARD to push him away (boy has he proved me wrong). He was pretty presistant!! In April of '99 I gave in. Scott was living about an hour away from me. Like I said, I had two kids, so needless to say it was not easy. Especially since he told me that he is keeping one nigth of the weekend for his friends (see why I thought he was a jerk), and since I only had everyother weekend to myself it did not give us alot of time together. Time passed, I finally put my foot down and as he says "scared his friends away" (I disagree with that) and demanded more time. lol

We decided that we were ready to move to the next level. In April 2000 we started living in sin!! I know, you shouldn't do that!! But we did. I acutally worked great for us. Chris and Jess adjusted well.

April 28th 2001, Scott had a big day planned for us. We were going to take the kids to the Strawberry patch and then go to the park. The park was really nice. There is a lake with a walking trail around it. Half way around the trail, Jess and I were by the pond looking at the ducks, I turned around and Scott was on one knee. That is right, he proposed to me with the kids there. It was AWESOME!! I could not have planned it any better myself!!

We took our time planning the wedding. With Scott being Catholic and I being Southern Baptist, it was hard to find a location to suit us both. So we decided on a outside Garden wedding. So on April 20, 2002 Scott and I got married. We found a BEAUTIFUL Bed and Breakfast, called The Preston Woodall House. I was an amazing day!! (just realized that our wedding pictures have been removed from the computer, I need to locate the discs that they are on...guess you will have to wait until our anniversary to see them)

So fast forward to April 15, 2004. We welcomed Delaney Paige O'Laughlin into our lives. A beautiful 7lb10oz baby girl!!

Since then, we have moved, twice, and have welcomed our twin boys, Sean Thomas (6lbs6oz) and Owen Patrick (5lbs14oz) into our lives.

April...What a month!!

I Love you, Scott!!


The Romero-Schroeder said...

OHH su true is a Great month for you both!!!! the love shows thru!!! ohh and happy birthday to Delany on Tuesday!!!!!!

TONYA said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for yesterday.

BoufMom9 said...

Terri, that was so sweet to get to go down memory lane with you.
Delaney was such a beautiful baby! (the boys too .heehee)
Wow! A decade!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for taking us back to the beginning!
- Erin (at work)

PS - 99 to 08 is only 9 years though right?

Jane said...

Cute! Delaney was such a gorgeous baby! (Of course, she still is!) Loved the story of your "courting"! Todd and I lived in sin, too...sometimes it is the best thing for a relationship!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Ok..It was pointed out to me that I don't know basic math!! Maybe I was rushing things a bit!! It has been 9 wonderful years..but man, it sure does feel like 10!! lol!!

Jenn H said...

LOL about 9 instead of 10. It sure has been an incredible 9 years for the two of you. Loved where you had your wedding from what I saw on their website, just gorgeous!!!

Poppy Mimi said...

It has been 9 wonderful years for us too
We love you both very much and happy to have a role in sharing the love of your family
Happy Aniversary

cat said...

Great to read your story!