Friday, May 23, 2008

A day at the Park

Since Delaney didn't have school today due to Memorial Day, some of the moms decided to get the kids together at Crowder Park. We had a blast. There were 6 kids, including Delaney. The funny thing is that all six of them have younger siblings close to the same age as the boys, and can you believe I did not get a picture of them all together? Even though I made a comment at one point that I wanted to, I totally forgot it!!

1st pic. Kiana( on her knees), Mallory, Madison (on knees), Paige, Delaney, and Tyler

2nd pic Paige, Delaney, Tyler, Mallory

The boys had a great time! And of course had to do everything they older kids were doing.

Sean & Owen

They all played hard and the ride home was nice and quiet!!

No need for anyone to rip me a new one. I know Delaney is not in her seat the correct way!


Debbie Moore said...

Now isn't that the best, play hard and crash even harder, a nice quiet drive home after a busy day! Looks like a great day!

cat said...

My daughter does exaclty what your's do - refuse to keep the arm under the seatbelt in the booster seat. Can not seem to get her to keep it in - a continious battle.

TONYA said...

I love them all lined up along the fence. Great shot

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tonya - the picture of them on the fence is so so cute! Looks like a great day!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Love the pictures, fun fun fun

BoufMom9 said...

LOVE the sleeping pics! LOL (esp. love Delaney's position!heehee)
Looks like such a great day! I LOVE that you know so many people with kids your kids' ages! SO so jealous!