Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last June I met up with 3 other girls (Debi, Jane, and Jess) from my online message board in Roanoke, Va. We had a great time and dressed the babies all alike, in USA shirts, celebrating the 4th just a little early. Can you tell who is who? I can't

I roomed with Jane. I got this shot thinking that all the Pampers were too cute!!

Miss you guys!! Hope to see you all soon!


Deanna said...

Those are some cute photos...check out all those babies!!!

I bet you all had SO much fun!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Well, I know your babies and my babies....those identical babies- FOR-GET-IT! LOL
That was such a FUN trip!

will play for food said...

Aww. They were so tiny! Thanks for the fun memory. p.s. I can't even tell my girls apart in that picture. :)

CC said...

awww... very cute! Hope you have fun on your vacation!

Jane said...

I have no clue who is who!!! LOL. I love that pampers picture. :) That was a fun trip!

poppy and mimi said...

This is what I wanted for my birthday.. a new grandaughter...can't wait to meet her! Love these pictures