Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday needs us!

Yesterday I posted a very cryptic post about prayers for a little girl. Today, I will give a little more information. Tuesday was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She will be in the hospital for, at least, the next 10 days then will begin 6 months of chemo. I have added a button to the right of my blog for any donations (just click on the word Donate) to help the family with gas, food, dinners, or what ever they may need.

There is a second button for Tshirts, buttons, hats, etc. All proceeds from that site go toward the family as well.

I met Tuesday, her twin sister, Piper, and their wonderful mother, Jess, in person last year. We were members of the same multiples group. The girls are just a couple weeks older than Sean and Owen, so it has really hit hard.

Here is a picture of spunky little TuTu playing at the hospital.

I am sure you will see this picture and others plastered all over the blog-a-sphere. Jess and her family are very loved among many of us.

You have a lot of people pulling for you Tuesday. I know you can beat this!

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Deanna said...

Prayers being said over and over for this little sweetie.

Does anyone have an update of how her surgery went?