Monday, August 25, 2008

Another fund raiser for Tuesday!

Wow! This time up is an amazing painting. Of what? You ask. An 18×24, ready to hang canvas One Face Portrait done of anyone you choose. Hand painted by Jeremy Anderson. He does amazing work. Look at some of these paintings he has done.

Gwen Steffani

"Air" Jordan

The Corradetti Brothers, who's mother helped make this happen. Denise is a friend of the artist and his family, and together they contacted Debi about making this happen!

So here is how you can win the painting. You know that 'Donate' button at the right of my blog? Every $5 you donate puts your name in the hat one (1) time.

If you blog about this auction, you will have your name entered one (1) time.

Jeremy, thank~you so much for this generous donation!

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The Epps Family said...

Great site! Are you in NC? Just moved to Atlanta from Raleigh. Sure do miss bein' a tarheel!