Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can't believe I forgot the Jonas Brothers!!

Sorry Jessica!! With all the excitement that has gone on in our house the past few days, I completely forgot to blog about our night at the Jonas Brothers concert!! I will start by saying that I have NEVER been in one place with so many screaming girls (not even when I took Chris to NKOTB 12 years ago!)! Thank goodness it was an outdoor venue.

So back to the point....Last Thursday night we went to see Jonas Brothers. We went with our neighbors (Dorrie, Breanne and Bethany). The Jo Bros (as Breanne was calling them) were playing with Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato. I had never heard of Demi before, but every girl there had since she was in the Disney movie Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers.

Anyway, we were sitting pretty far back on the grass, but here are a few pictures of the evening.
The Girls

Avril Lavigne

Demi and The Brothers

The Jonas Brothers!!

not sure who the big guy is in the last two pictures, but everyone else was extremely excited to see him! lol

Now I must tell you that I now have favorite Jonas Brother! I know, kinda creepy for a 30-something mother of 5, but it is true. Nick Jonas! 3 years ago he was diagnosed with type 1 Juvinile Diabetes. As some of you know, I have walked to cure Juvinile Diabetes for the son of a friend of mine who what also diagnosed about 3 years ago. Anyway, Nick wrote (and sang at the concert) a song about his fight with this horrible disease. I will admit, I was in tears then and cried again when I listened to it on the Internet (the album is not yet out) and when I read the lyrics. Here is a picture of him singing this song. So completely vulnerable!

The name of the song is "A Little Bit Longer (You Don't even Know)"

Which is also the name of the new album being released 8/12

Not sure if it will show up, but here is a link to the YouTube

Everyone was signing the bus, we did not have a pen on us, but here are the girls in front of the bus.


Jenn H said...

You are just the best mom ever!!!

BoufMom9 said...

How cool! And, that song is just fantastic! WOW!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

So coll, you Rock as a MOM