Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's all about TUESDAY

Look at this beautiful, happy family! It is so great to see them all together! Outside of the hospital! Outside, enjoying themselves, as a family. A normal family! The Whitt Family, was able to get out and go to a "Miracle Party" with their own little miracle. Go to their blog and read all about it. While you are there, make sure to leave them a little message to let them know you are praying for Tuesday on Tuesday! They have a lot of great news there! Remember, I told you Tuesday is home from the hospital until her next round of Chemo on Sept 29th. At which time, if all goes right, they will only be out patient! Amazing!
Also, remember the auction we have for that amazing drawing.
And another way to give!! Laurie P of Cookie Lee is offering her profits of 2 of her items to the Whitt family. Go here for more details about both!

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Frizzy and Bird said...

That's a heavenly picture if I have ever seen one. I'll go over and send celebrate and send continued prayers after my espanol class this evening. Thanks for always keeping us posted.