Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's All About TUESDAY

She has really proven to be our Super Tuesday! Six months ago, on her first night in the Hospital, she looked like this:

And yesterday, coming home from her 6th and FINAL round of Chemo, she looked like this:

The beads around her neck were presented to her from the the nurses and Doctors at the hospital. Each bead was a different treatment provided to her! WAY more beads than any little girl should ever have!
Although she has come this far and fought many odds, Tuesday's fight is still not over. Sometime after Christmas, she will be admitted back into the hospital to undergo a stem cell transplant and radiation! The few days and weeks following will be very scary for her and her family as she will have little to NO immune system. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Let the family know you are thinking of them!
Also, remember that Debi, at Who Says Eight is Enough is hosting a Discovery Toys sale in Jess' name. Jess and her family will get all the credits and can do some Christmas shopping for her family. Go to Debi's Fundraiser Blog to read more about it.
I also asked yesterday for prayers for a friend's little boy. They have since found out that was not a stroke, but a severe seizure (epilepsy) causing a temporary paralysis. He is home now, but has to visit a neurologist to see what types of meds they will be putting him on. Please continue to say prayers for him and his family.


cat said...

Will do on both requests Terri - so glad Tuesday is doing so well.

BoufMom9 said...

Great recap terri. Amazing the journey Tuesday has been on....

Lowa said...

Precious little Tuesday! What a fighter. I was thinking the Discovery Toys thing was over for some reason, will have to head on over and see what I can do!

Will pray for the little boy too. Strange. I know of a 7 year old girl who the same thing happened to!?? So weird. She had a seizure and was paralyzed on one side and then they thought it was a stroke, but now they are not sure. She is walking with help (a week later)and will leave the hospital soon. They are thinking it was a virus?? So scary, isn't it??