Monday, November 17, 2008

Llama Llama

I just wanted to share a little about a couple of books that the boys got for their birthday from our wonderful friends, The Armstrongs. To start with, the boys absolutely LOVE books. Love to sit and flip through them, love to be read to. They will even "read" the books themselves. They have a few books memorized (or at least a few words of some pages) and when you get to certain parts of the book, they will say the words they know. It is really cute.
Anyway, back on topic!

These have got to be two of the cutest books ever! The boys ask for them to be read over and over! Delaney loves to have them read to her as well. In fact, she had show and tell last week and the letter of the week was "L" (so her item had to start with L). She wanted to take this book since Llama starts with L! And Jess even enjoys reading them to the boys and Delaney. So good for all ages!
They are both about baby Llama Llama acting up and Llama Mama explaining to him that if he is just a little patient, then things will go much easier. They both have a very cute message to them.
They are by a wonder writer Anna Dewdney. She has a new Llama Llama book coming out soon and I can not wait to get it!

Great Christmas gift idea for anyone who is looking!


Gibson Twins said...

Hey, those are two of our very favorite books too! I can't wait to get my hands on the newest one!

One other one to check out that you will probably love is "I love you Stinky Face" (sounds weird, but I promise, it's a funny and cute story about a mama and a baby who continually asks "would you still love me if..." and of course her answer is always "of course".

Cindy said...

we have two copies or red pajamas, but we don't have mad at ma ma. That is cute, hummmmmm LOL. Might have to be on the list.

Nancy said...

Oh yes! We love these at our house's a very telling day when Burke asks to read the mad at mama one ;)

She's a Vermont writer, so I'm quite fond of her (I grew up there ;) )

I didn't know that there was a new one coming out though! Thanks :)

Christine said...

I love these books!