Thursday, December 11, 2008

Healing Hands

You many have already read about this here or here, but had to join in as well.

My friend Debi, spoke to JK last week and here is what Debi wrote on her blog.

So, last week while I was on the phone with Jess, she told me about an idea the Chaplin at the hospital came up with and I knew I just had to help out. The Chaplin and Jess traced little Tuesday's body onto a large piece of paper and drew large dark circles everywhere that the cancer has invaded this sweet little girl. They then cut out the tracing and Jess is to place it somewhere in her home for all to see. (I am pretty sure she is attaching it to a wall) At the end of the month, little Tuesday will be in the hospital receiving her stem cell transplant, which will render her very weak and susceptible to infection. Jess is asking that everyone trace their hands, write inspirational messages on them, cut them out and send them to her home. While Tuesday is recovering in the hospital, her big brothers will get to lay our healing hands on their little sister's body. It is Jess' dream that not only will Tuesday's entire body be covered with the healing love and prayers, but that their whole wall will be.

Well, the kids and I sat down last night did our hands. I mentioned it to Jess and she was the first to jump up and grab the paper and pencil. This girl really does have a big heart. I hope it continues to grow as she does.

Here we are tracing our hands.

You may be wondering why I only have pictures of 3 of the 4 that traced hands. Well, my friends, that is because Owen was a little stinker and WOULD NOT let me trace his hands! So, don't tell anyone, but Owen's hands, they are actually Sean's. SSHHH Don't tell!

The finished products...

OK..we took these pictures this morning after Jess left for school, so I don't have a picture of her and her hands, but I will try to update this afternoon when she gets home. Once again, Owen would NOT co-operate and stand with his hands, so that is why he is not in the picture with Sean's his hands.

If you would like to make hands for little Tuesday, let me know and I will give you my address. I will forward them on to JK.

Don't forget about the calendars that are for sale. $9.25 of every one sold goes directly to the Whitt family!

With the new year fast approaching, it's time to start shopping for calendars. Everywhere you go, there are displays of lots of different types of calendars for many different prices, right?
Well, a friend of mine has put together a calendar that will not only help you keep track of the days in the coming year, but will allow you to give back too.
The name of the calendar? For the Love of Tuesday. This calendar features beautiful pictures of some of my favorite twin sets from our multiple group and all proceeds go to help in Tuesday's battle against Neuroblastoma. Sean and Owen are featured twice, can you find them?

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Heather Marie said...

How sweet :) I saw what Debi did too. Tuesday has so many people praying for her! God will take care of his little angel :)

Julie B. said...

I just saw the calendar at Debi's tonight - it's amazing and of course Sean and Owen are adorable in it! I can't believe I know all these child models!!

BoufMom9 said...

Awwwww! Looks at the kids! I am so glad they jumped right on board too. I knew your kiddies were sweethearts from the second I laid eyes on them :)

Jen B. said...

I'm so far behind on reading blogs that this is the first I've heard of this. We are definitely on board & will trace our hands tomorrow. What a great idea!