Monday, December 22, 2008

Knee Deep in Snowmen

No, not real ones, Silly! This is North Carolina! There is no snow here! BUT, we did make these snowmen.

Here is how it started. A couple weeks ago, we were asked by Delaney's teacher to sign up to bring a snack for The Christmas program (that post will follow this one). I had the sheet in my had ready to write my name down beside the candy canes. This was easy...I could just pick up a box and turn them into reindeer using little piping and red dots, right? Wrong. Just before I wrote my name another mom yells "I'll bring the candy canes"! AH! Your kidding me, right? Should I be hateful and put my name there anyway? Should I just suck it up and sign up for something else and let her have the stinkin' candy canes? Being the competitive on that I am, I just thought, 'forget it, I will come up with something all the kids will like more than candy canes!'
When Debi posted this, I knew exactly what I was going to do for Delaney's school! Delaney and Jess both loved making these cute little guys. So much that we made 50+!

I must say, they were a HUGE hit at school! Not just for the kids, but the parents and teachers as well!

FYI: I do like the other mom that brought the candy canes. In fact, I am pretty sure she peeps at the blog from time to time!


Debbie Moore said...

Those are so cute Terri, I love them!!

Christy said...

So Cool! I haven't ever seen them and I think those are the coolest snowmen ever!!!

I think I might actually have to attempt that for the fun of it!

Nancy said...

:O I love those! What a great idea! (I missed Debi's post...)

and LOL! I totally understand about the competition...too funny :)

BoufMom9 said...

They turned out awesome!!! Look at all those snowmen! Well done jess & delaney!!!