Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Day ~~A Wii bit late

Christmas morning was crazy, but we didn't expect anything less with the kids. It was fun to watch the boys so "in to" their presents. We noticed at their birthday that they were both loving unwrapping their gifts, so we had been looking forward to Christmas. The only left daddy's side/lap was to walk over and get a new gift to open. Funny how they knew which pile was theirs. Santa wraps every one's presents in a different paper, but they all have Santa on them.
Jess' mind was on one thing only. She only asked for 2 things for Christmas, Uggs and a camera. And since Scott's parents had gotten her the Uggs, she was really hoping that Santa brought her the camera. She was excited to see that she got it!

Delaney didn't ask for anything as much as she asked for EVERYTHING (if that makes sense to anyone), but I think her two favorite gifts were The Baby Alive and her vanity set.

you must click on the second picture to see her wonderful job of putting on her eye makeup!
In Fact, EVERYONE loves the vanity. Santa really should have brought more than one of those.

Chris even got a make-over. He is such a good big brother.

And speaking of Chris. Poor guy! At the ripe ol' age of 18, all Santa brings is clothes and necessities! Nothing fun!! It really stinks to get old!
Then Jessica helped me cook breakfast and I had all 5 of my kids sitting at the breakfast table at the same time. Since Chris moved to my mom's 2.5 years ago, that does not happen often.
and even though it was not from Santa, but from MiMi and PopPop, the boys favorite toy is the train table.

You may have guessed from the title of the post that we also got the Wii! We have all really enjoyed this gift. I promise I am finished with the back tracking, I will not start doing up to date post!


Sharlene said...

Mari loves the baby alive doll too. Don't you think its an ugly doll though? those eyes freak me out!

Christy said...

Great pics! What a wonderful Christmas! It isn't often that I get to have all my kids here either and it is a very grand day when they are!

Deanna said...

Oh the WII is sooo fun! We got it this year too...the Wii fit and mario cart and a few other games!

My Jourdan got a camera too...she's super excited and loving it!!!

Looks like all the kids got what they wanted....awesome to see them so happy, isn't it??

Octamom said...

Welcome to Wii world--we just love ours!

Cute pics!