Friday, March 20, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You.....Happy Birthday dear Baby...I mean Terri.... Happy __ th Birthday to You! (Don't worry, I would never post that number on the internet). Anyway..... I look forward to sharing this day with you until we're old and can't remember what day it is anyway:) I Love You!

I thought you might like me to post that picture of us from the first birthday of yours that you and I spent together on the beach in Waikiki....We were so young and I bet you wish I had those abs back:)

Love You


BoufMom9 said...

Awwww Scott! You are too cute and Terri is one sexy woman!

Happy Birthday Terri!!!
LOVE you!

BoufMom9 said...

PS Got your gift right here .... LOL

cat said...

Happy birthday Terri! May your year be blessed beyond words.

Terri said...

OH Scott! You are Awesome! How did you know that THAT is my FAVORITE picture of us!

I love you, too Baby!

The Corradetti Clan said...

Happy Birthday Terri,

Ok Scott you need to train Pete. You are so sweet.

Love ya guys

Anonymous said...

That is the hottest picture I've ever seen of two people! I mean it's almost like you were posed for it, but I'm sure it's a totally candid shot! =)

I am stopping in from SITS to give you a big welcome to our ever growing community! Hope that you love it as much as I do and hope to see you around!

The Eadle Family said...

How sweet are you! Terri, you are one lucky lady! Cute picture!

Jen B. said...

That is such a sweet post! I hope you had a fabulous birthday!

Christy said...

Great job Scott!
Happy birthday Terri!
love the sexy photo of you two!