Monday, March 30, 2009

Having a Ball!

This past week I have been cleaning out old toys and clothes for a consignment sale. Saturday, the boys noticed me taking them out to the car and were not very happy! So, we decided to pull out the ball pit. I have not had it out since Delaney was little for very selfish reasons (I get tired of picking up the darn balls). They have had a grand ol' time playing!




Owen copies everything that Delaney does.


The Corradetti Clan said...

LOL about the ball pit. We have a few I hate them but the boys LOVE them!

cat said...

Oh you can not get rid of that ball pit - look how much fun they had!

Heather Marie said...

How much fun!!! My mom use to give away my toys all the time! haha...I always saw the black bag by the door and tried to rummage through it before she took it!

Tamara Mitchell said...

Oh my goodness...SO MUCH FUN!!

BoufMom9 said...

They look like they had so much fun!!!

And, OH MY GOSH Miss D looks so grown up with her hair so long! WOW!!!!

ps Those action shots of Owen running and diving into the ball pit are AWESOME!!!

Deanna said...

I never ended up getting one of these for my kids do to space issues...but they look like a ton of fun!!

Cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Karen is glad to see it being used!