Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Way Back WHEN~esday

Jessica, March 2005

Once upon a time, we went to Pittsburgh every year for The Big St. Patrick's Day Parade! The parade is this weekend, but once again, we are not going to be able to make it. However, we want the O'Laughlin family to know that we will be thinking about you and will be with you in spirit!

Delaney, March 2005
I promise she had on her St. Patrick's gear under her snow suit!

Me and Chris

Scott's Aunt Peggy marches in the parade every year!

Pictures of the family!

We miss you guys!
Hope you have a great time this year!

Don't forget to head over to Twinfatuation to see who else is playing.


Sharlene said...

That looks like fun. I love St Patricks Day. Any excuse to drink beer and eat corned beef works for me.

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

How fun was that?! The closest I've been to a St. Patty's day parade was a Pub Crawl in college. Let's just say I'll NEVER Do That AGAIN!

The Corradetti Clan said...

Great picture! St. Patty day is one of my favorites. Gotta love cornbeef and cabbage

Cheryl Lage said...

Y'all do St. Patty's right! Even if you cannot make it to Pittsburgh, I imagine you will celebrate well! :)

What a wonderful Way Back When-esday--- thank you so much for playing along!

Heather Marie said...

WOW!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

cat said...

Happy St Patrick's day! My hubby is one quarter Irish - two of his grannies were Irish girls.

The Eadle Family said...

I love St. Patty's Day! I am going to be doing some yummy baking for St. Patricks Day!

Lanie said...

Looks like fun! Just dropping by from SITS to say hi. Love your blog layout.

Deanna said...

Looks like a GREAT time...hopping you'll be able to go back one of these years.... Love the photos!