Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Soccer Star!

She has great control, when she tries!

Out there all alone!

Notice her in the back of the pack?
This is where she is during most of 'play' time!

She would much rather be doing this!
The song "pinwheel, pinwheel spinnig around,
look in my pinwheel and see what I found"
comes to mind.

However she is very proud of herself and thought
she deserved a 'high~five'


Anonymous said...

Hey - I need copies of these pictures! She looks awesome out there and I love the "high five" shot! Camera seems to be doing well!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, those are like the cutest pictures ever! Seriously, so carefree, childlike. My heart is melting. AHHHH to be a kid again!

Bird, Frizzy and Yaya said...

At least she stands up! I remember a kid on our team who used to lay down and pick flowers/grass. Not very helpful when the ball headed their way. LOL! My bet is that your daughter is perfecting the art of a new soccer move. Watch out for her! I bet she'll be famous for it someday. ;)

BoufMom9 said...

OH.MY.Gosh! How funny is that last picture!?!
LOL abou her spinning on the field. lol
At least she is having fun!!!

Poppy and MImi said...

I Love candid shots of her playing the field or did I mean playing in the field? Her Daddy once was caught picking and throwing stones in right much for his basball career. Delaney Poppy loves you spirit and confidence in your performance. Here's a big "high five" from Poppy and Mimi.