Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank~you Mr. Brown

...and MiMi and Poppy! This wonderful package arrived today.

MMMM...Malley's Chocolates! Not sure if you have heard of Malley's Chocolates, but I must tell you I was extremely EXCITED because I KNEW what was inside. A box of


I knew this because Scott we gets a box about 3-4 times a year from his parents. They are his favorite. Always have been. And I can see why!

But when I opened the box what to my wondering eyes did appear? Not just the rectangle box that I knew and adored so well, but 5 tiny little boxes all wrapped up in a cute little bow.

Wonder what is in them? Here is the problem. Scott is not home! Do we wait until he is home to unwrap the boxes of goodies, or do we rip open the boxes and have some yummy goodness? We will wait...And I will update later as to what we got!!


Cindy said...

how nice of them!!!! You are very lucky.

Mimi and Poppy said...

We are Happy that they brought sooo much excitement! My last second surprise since we could not be with you'al. the pretzels were the last thing I grabbed....Good thing I remembered!! Love Mom...

cat said...

Oh that looks breathtakingly wonderful! Love those wrapped packages. Whats inside I wonder?