Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I was a bit torn this week on what to post! Should I post a picture of two of the sweetest boys ever or do I post a picture of Sean and Owen's dueling dinosaurs (bet that's got your minds wondering)? I choose both! lol

First, Sean and Owen. I leave them in their room for 5 minutes and this is what I find!

Second, nugget dueling dinos!

after Sean and Owen left the table, this is what I found. Not sure who did it.

To see who else is playing, head over to Debi's blog.


monica said...

Very cute! Love the dinosars...wonder who thought of that?

Gibson Twins said...

they're so creative!!
not sure if i told you before or not but i love the way their room is painted red wall / blue wall - it's gorgeous!

alli's room is WAY messier than ryan's....she has about 20 things she takes to bed every night so i start gathering them up about half hour before bedtime lol

Heather Marie said...

HAHA very cute photos!!!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL about the dinos! Too funny!
LOVE that Owen is riding the truck ON THE BED! Too funny!

Hmmm, now I see picks of what I normally hear on the phone. LOL too funny :)

Leia said...

very cute. Opposite of my boys when they get to messing when they are supposed to be in bed because everything on the bed ends up on the floor.

So which dino won?

cat said...

Both very cute photos. Love the dinos.