Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thursday morning we got up and headed to Cleveland. Although Scott's dad new we were coming, he did not know why. July 5th was his 60th birthday. Scott's mom managed to pull off a Surprise party on the 4th. Family from New Jersey, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (not just us, but others too), work colleagues, and friends and neighbors. Even Uncle Sam (aka Aunt Cris) was there!

Early Saturday morning, Scott and a family friend took his dad out golfing (Tom, Scott's dad, has these pictures, I hope to get them soon) then the prepreations began! The tent/table guy, the bounce house guy, friends coming to help prepare dips and salsa, and other sides, and THE PIG COOKER! Yes, that is right, in the depths of Ohio, we had a good ol' southern BBQ! I know I have a lot of Northen readers, so when I say BBQ, I don't mean hamburgers and hotdogs on a grill! I mean a pig! Slow roasted over a pit! It was DELISH!!

The golfing three arriving. Worked out pretty good that they had Tom sitting in the backseat of his own car! lol


The Cake

The O'Laughlin Clan ~ minus the kids
(at least the ones that could make it)

Sunday, the 5th was also Mike's Birthday. Mike is married to one of Scott's cousins.

The pig

The bouncers

love that Owen always came out head first!


The Romero-Schroeder said...

Great party

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! I am not sure I could eat BBQ that is looking at me... smiling at me. LOL (think A Christmas Story)

Looks like such a fantastic time!

Tamara Mitchell said...

So cool...I love that it was a surprise party! And I too would not be able to eat an animal looking at me...even though I don't eat pork...I would see the pig as my pet :-)

cat said...

What a great surprise that was for him! I am sure that pig was delicious.

Jen B. said...

Looks like everyone had a fantastic time! Glad he had such a great party!