Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Way Back WHEN~esday

It was 2 years ago this month. I met the family that would soon change my life forever. Jess and her beautiful twin girls, Piper and Tuesday. We met in Roanoke, VA for a weekend. 4 women, 8 babies, a toddler and two teen girls. What a weekend! A year later, Tuesday was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. I have never put so much heart and soul into prayers for anyone as I did for sweet Tuesday. Tuesday HAS changed my life forever! Sadly, Tuesday lost her fight with cancer in January of this year.

So for this weeks Way back, I am posting a picture of Jess and me on that first visit.

On this same trip I met Debi. Debi has become a very close friend of mine. If only we lived closer!

Miss you both!
Love you both!

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Poppy and Mimi said...

Love this picture. It would be nice to get a follow up photo! Through your blog we all got to know and love little Tuesday. She is watching over us all now.
Hope you are enjoying Hershey ? Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Heather Marie said...

What a touching Way back Wednesday. You have some lovely friends right there. Very strong and inspiring women.

Frizzy said...

THough I never met Tuesday. She had a huge impact on my life too. The day I learned she passed away will not soon if ever be forgotten. She and her family are amazing!

cat said...

Great pictures - love all 3 of you and wish we could meet too.

fawndear said...

Wow, what a memory. It's amazing how some of Heavenly Father's littlest people on the earth can have such a powerful impact on so many.
Thanks for sharing your friends.

BoufMom9 said...

Such great memories but amazing where it has led us....
Miss TuTu every day :(