Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jess' Party

Last Saturday night, I took Jess and 2 of her friends out to dinner for her birthday. They decorated my van so that everyone would know!

..and off to Kabuki's we went..

The girls had a great time.

...but how could you not with the entertainment?

notice the chicken that bounced off of Jess' forehead

He made a heart face with the rice...

then put candles in

After dinner they brought out icecream

made Jess do funny things

Then sang her a Japanese Birthday Song.

thanks to my sister, Karen, who went with me so I didn't have to do this alone!


BoufMom9 said...

How awesome! Looks like such a blast!
So glad you were able to take Jess out to really celebrate. FUN!

cat said...

Oh that is such a great idea for a teenager! Great party!

Poppy and Mimi said...

Happy Bday Jess. Looks like a great time. It is one of my favorite dinners!!! I hope you enjoy being a teenager??

Cindy said...

what a great Udea to decorate the car. Happy Birthday Jess!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Terri! I enjoyed celebrating 13 with her! Love ya! Aunt Karen