Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disney On Ice

That's right!! 3 post in 3 days!

Sunday afternoon, Delaney and I went to see Disney On Ice, Let's Celebrate. We went with our neighbor and friends Dorrie and her daughter, Bethany.

Here are a few of Delaney's favorite pictures:

..and this just happens to be Delaney's FAVORITE Disney song:

And a couple of Delaney and Bethany. Delaney did not look "great" in either. lol

These hats were "free" with the purchase of a bag of cotton candy! However at $12 a bag, I think I paid dearly for the hat!


Frizzy said...

I've thought about taking Yaya to this but wonder if she's old enough to sit through it just yet unless she's right on the ice. What do you think is the right age?

Sharlene said...

Wow- Disney on Ice is making the rounds. It is in LA next week, was in New England last week and now its in NC too! Me thinks there is more than one cast... Anyhow- I can't wait to see it when the kids are old enough. Maybe next year? What are your thoughts?

BoufMom9 said...

Oh how fun! What a great thing to do, just mommy & Delaney (and friends) :)