Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter in Ohio!

I know it has been awhile. I am gonna try to catch up this guarantees. lol

We spent the week after Christmas in Ohio with Scott's parents. Although we had a great time while there, I realized one thing. NC is as FAR North as I will be living. It snowed 5 of the 6 days we were there. And I don't mean a light snow, it was blizzard! Well, it was for me anyway! lol When you have to go out and shovel your driveway EVERY.TIME.YOU.LEAVE.THE.HOUSE it becomes a bit much. Even if it is just 1 hour after the last time you shoveled! CRAZY!!
I will say, however, that it was ABSOLUTELY beautiful and the kids had a great time. Thanks to my inlaws for putting up with your added chaos!

This is what the road (that the in-laws live on) looked like driving in.

Daddy and Owen looking out the window at the snow

The girls (Hannah, Jessica and Grace) wanted to go frolic in the snow as soon as we got there. Didn't matter that it was 11pm! It has been too long since these cousins were together.

Our first day there, we hit the slopes...we had intentions to do snowboarding, but the kids voted for tubing instead! They had a great time.

Hannah, Jess, Grace, Liam

Scott and Delaney ~ can barely see them because of the snow coming down (and it was REAL snow, not from the snow machine)

you can see the snow machine working in this picture, but I am not really sure why since it was snowing like crazy! lol (We could not get Jess to stay still long enough to get a family picture there)

Liam and Delaney were just as happy at the bottom of the hill playing around in the tubes, however, they did both take a few trips down the hill.

Scott's parents live in a little town what has a water fall and it was ABSOLUTELY beautiful there.

The girls catching snow flakes! HUGE SNOWFLAKES!!

Scott, me, Jess, Owen, Sean and Delaney

Scott and me with our kids and nieces and nephew.

Scott and I also took Delaney, Sean and Owen to the park to do a little sledding. They LOVED, however, Owen didn't last as long as Delaney and Sean. He and I sat in the van and watched for a while. lol

~Delaney and Sean~

~Me and Owen~

They were racing, looks like Delaney won!

Liam and Delaney wanted to build a snowman:

however, they made the body parts so big, they couldn't pick them up (an example of "heavy snow, the tracks from the body parts were covered up the next morning). They sat there for a couple days until Jess felt sorry for them and the snowman and went out to put him together.

Tom, Scott's dad called us a couple days after we left to inform us that they could no longer see the snowman because of all the snow!

Delaney, Sean and Owen all got Cowboy (girl) hats for Christmas from MiMi and PopPop. Sean wouldn't let us take his picture, but look how stinkin' cute they are!

and just because she is so darn cute and there are no other pictures of her in this post

Baby Maddie, Erin's youngest

New Year's eve, the skating rink was having a early balloon drop for the kids so we all went... (I am realizing I should have split this into two post, please stay with me)

Sean and Owen watching

I wish I had a better picture of Jess, but she was going too fast every time she passed and everything is blurry! UGH!

Delaney went skating for the first time. I was a bad mommy and was NOT the one that took her. Her Poppy did not want her to miss out on the fun and he took one for the team and dusted off the ol' skates! Thanks Poppy!

Cousin Liam was a huge help as well!

"Look ma, no hands!"

By the end of the evening, she was getting much better!

They had the balloon drop at the end. Over 400 balloons and prizes in 200! It was a blast watching them all pop balloons!

Scott and I got to go out as adults for New Year's Eve. The first time in a very long time. Thanks to Scott's sister Erin for watching the kids and to Jess for helping get the boys down for bed. The boys were not happy that we left them and only wanted Jess while we were gone, so she ended up doing A LOT! Getting them ready for bed, putting them into bed and laying with them until they fell asleep. The boys woke up before we got home and again, Jess had to comfort them and get them back to bed. My little girl is really growing up before my eyes and becoming a responsible young lady! **tears**

Also thanks to Scott's parents for treating us to a night at Pickwick & Frolic, where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner, Martini show at the Champagne Bar, brought in the New Year during a wonderful comedy show and then danced to a live band for an hour or so before returning to reality!


BoufMom9 said...

OMGOSH! Will wonders ever cease?!? You posted!!!!

Sounds like you had a great and chilly holiday in Ohio! It all looks so pretty and like you kept busy with lots of fun things to do!

cat said...

Oh Terri - that New Years night out seems like such a treat! I would love a night out like that. And the snow looks stunning! Sending of Delaney's postcard today - not sure how long it will take in the post. Please let me know if they get it.

Sharlene said...

The snow looks like alot of fun but dear lord how do people live in it? Shoveling every time you leave the house? What a pain!

Poppy and Mimi said...

We miss Ya'LL already. We have only seen the ground one day since you came to visit us !! The holidays are all about family and your visit made it special for everyone. The great lake snow machine turned and has stayed on.. I fianlly bought a huge snowblowwer with six forward speeds and two reverse!! Franklin is alive but shrank over this month. Much Love , Dad.

Anonymous said...
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albert & angela fontenot said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing vacation! I loved all the pictures. It seems like you guys really had lots of fun. Espicially the tires in the snow. That would be a blast. I really loved looking at all of these!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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stephbouf2 said...

WOW!! looks like u guys had a fun vacation!! the tubing looks like alot of fun!! i'm glad u all had fun an i miss u &ur fam! :)