Tuesday, February 2, 2010

St. James Island ~ A Soccer Tournament

I thought that since she has another Tournament this weekend (weather permitting) I should tell you all about the tournament she went to 4 weeks ago. Charleston, SC. What a beautiful. Boy do I wish I had more time to just sight see. Next time. Oh, I forgot to mention, Scott stayed home Delaney, Sean and Owen so my sister, Karen, and I were able to spend some "girl time" with Jessica. Thanks Scott!

The tournament didn't go so well. Although they didn't place so well , the girls played hard and had a great time.


Poppy and Mimi said...

Great work Jess !! I understand it got rough out there ! The uniform almost reminds me of Delco. Keep up the great play, the coch is showing confidence in you with how much playing time you are getting !
We are all very proud of your performance
Love Mimi and Poppy

albert & angela fontenot said...

Awesome job Jess!
Terri- your daughters are so beautiful and look so much like you! Glad your trip was fun. And by the way, you take awesome pictures. What type of camera do you use?

cat said...

Great job Jess. Oh I need some girl time away.

BoufMom9 said...

You got some really great action shots! Looks like you are getting a hang of that bad boy :)

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful trip! and great girl time! Jess you played great! Love Aunt Karen!

Terri said...

hello this is Jessica and i just want to say thank u!!! :P