Friday, April 30, 2010

It's For Tuesday!

These are the Whitts...
Axel, Spencer, Piper & Tuesday
They are the beautiful children of my friends, Jess & Charley. They are privileged children.
Privileged because they grew up in a home full of love, in a family that envelopes the very meaning of home... where the world revolved around happiness. and exploring. and adventure. and love of man. and earth.
Their parents did everything right. For their kids.
Healthy food. Healthy living. Happy life.
And then cancer came.
Piper, Axel, Spencer & Tuesday
It was a shock.
They did everything they should do. They loved their bodies. Their children. Their world.
They ate healthy. They lived strong. They fought hard.
And cancer still won.
Spencer, Piper & Axel
There's a big gaping hole where Tuesday once was. A hole that everyone can feel and yet no one can fill.
All the prayers, the tears, the hugs, the love.... none of it touches that space.
But they still feel love and hope and happiness.
And that is why I do what I do.
To help bring them any bit of happiness I can.
And part of that is to make sure Tuesday is never forgotten and that her legacy lives on forever.
Not because the family asked it of me, but because I need to do it for them.
Because I love Tuesday and miss her.
In 2 days, the Tuesday Blog Party begins.
Be a part of it and help us make a difference.
For Tuesday.
For the Whitts.
For all of the children fighting cancer and winning.
And especially for the ones who aren't.

I wish I could take credit for these beautifully written words, but I can't. It was written by Debi.

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