Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carolina Shootout Champions!!

That's right! Carolina Soccer Club '96 Girls are the Carolina Shootout Champs! And Boy did they deserve it! After a long tough year, these girls went to Charlotte, NC and played their hearts out and came out on top and Jess came home with a goal!

Did I mention it was cold?
The final game was a shut out winning 2-0!


That is where the good new ends...we came back to our car in the parking lot and this is what I found

My purse was taken. I left it on the floorboard of the front seat, it had my wallet(of course) and a small Nikon Camera in it. The GPS, an iPod, and a cell phone were also out, but they didn't touch that. A debit card was only used once, so I am thanking God that is was not any worse than that.

Here is the nice Deputy knocking the rest of the glass out so we can begin our long drive home, in the cold, with no window! LOVELY!

Special thanks to my mom and a neighbor who watched the 3 littles so Scott and I could go and enjoy the weekend with Jess!


Alisha said...

That's crazy Terri!!! Wow!! But the soccer stuff is good at least. haha.

Would it be wrong to say that this deputy has a nice .... haha. HE DOES!

debi9kids said...

Great team pic! (I hadn't seen that on FB... maybe I'm blind??? LOL)

ps I miss talking to you. We should fix that ;)

Cindy said...

not cool :-( I can't believe someone was able to get away with that at a place that busy...some people stink :-(

Frizzy and Bird said...

Someone in PA stole our credit card number and spent over $700.00 in one day. Thankfully our credit card company alerted us. It happened the day before Thanksgiving. Very difficult to do any Black Friday shopping w/o a credit card.

I'm excited the team did so well but of course hate to hear your purse and things were stolen. I hope it won't take long to get new cards and identification. It's such an inconvenience on top of everything else.

Sorry it's been so long since I've been by. Where does the time go?