Friday, January 21, 2011

Our trip to Ohio in 3 post

The week after New Year's we took our Christmas trip up North. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was that there was NO snow, barely even on the ground, until 5 miles from the In-Laws house (gotta love living in the "Lake effect snow area"). Even then, there wasn't much. We could still see the ground in some places...However, that didn't last long. Our first full day there, we decided to take the kids Ice Skating. Jess has been a few times, but the younger three had never been. I will say they all LOVED it.

Jess helping Delaney

Daddy helping Owen

Poppy helping Sean

A very pretty Jessica

Delaney skating on her own

Owen's got it!

Sean off on his own

I especially love this next picture because you can almost see how fast Sean's little feet were moving.

The skaters!

P.S. I have a video that I am going to try to upload later.


debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! Smiling looking at these pictures.
LOVING the last pic of Sean! Looks like he was really moving :)

Poppy and Mimi said...

We all had a blast

Cindy said...

I am dying to take my kids ice skating but the closest area is over an hour away.....

Alisha said...

My girls (especially Clara) have been driving me bonkers about going skating. We couldn't find skates this late in the year for their feet though, so hopefully next year. They want to skate and play hockey. lol. They are going to kill my wallet. lol.