Thursday, January 24, 2008

In the beginning....

OK...So I was trying to find a way that our family and friends could keep up with our family. This is the only thing I could come up with. I will not make any promises to update it daily, but I will do what I can to keep it pretty current.

Today was Jessica's first day back to school since 12/16. I was very proud of how well she got up and was begging to go to the bus stop 15 mins early!! Doesn't she know it is freezing out side? Silly girl!! Delaney was very sad to see her go. She is really starting to miss Jess when she is not here. Jess is really getting into emailing these days. She checks her email almost as much as I do!! Ok...Maybe that is stretching it a bit!!lol If you get a minute, send her a short message. I am sure she will love it....

Delaney...What can I say about Delaney? She has found the computer...The neighbor got her hooked on computer games, so I am trying my best to keep them educational. She is doing great with her letters...SHE KNOWS THEM ALL. And some numbers too!! She is doing great in pre-school. The teachers say she is one of the best "colorers" in the class!! I can't believe how well she stays in the lines. She has a lot of friends and even a "boy-friend"!!

The boys...I am really trying to individualize them as of late so let me change that to:

Sean~ he is doing great!! Very independent!! He is taking 10-15 steps at at time and can stand on his own w/o pulling up on anything!! There is slight concern that he may need some physical therapy because he does not always bend his knees when he walks. I am in the process of setting up an appointment to have him evaluated. I did have both of the boys allergy tested. Sean is allergic to Milk and eggs!! The allergist think that he will most likely grow out of this and we will have him tested again in 2 years.

Owen~aka Mama's little baby~He still loves his cuddles with mama! He is also trying out this walking thing. It is up to about 4-5 steps at a time. However, I am almost positive that he will need therapy. His little feet point out when he is standing/walking and he walks more on the inside of his feet. Which may be why he is so far behind Sean. Other than that, Owen is doing well. He just went through minor surgery to correct his hypospadia. He did very well with that. He still has a scar on his little butt cheek from the MRSA that he had. Owens allergy test. What a joke. It may be easier to tell you what Owen is NOT allergic to!! lol He was "sensitive" to almost everything they tested him for!! However, he is HIGHLY allergic to Peanuts!! We have to carry an epi-pen with us at all times. We did end up in the Urgent Care with him (which is what led up to do the testing) in Anaphylactic Shock!! Where his throat was closing up. His face was all swollen, lips and everything. What a site!!

Chris started a new semester at school today. He is yet again having car trouble. That boy just has bad luck with the cars!! His little puppy is doing well, however, Granny has to ask her self everyday what was going through her mind when she agreed to the dog...but I think secretly, that she really does love "Baby Girl"!!
Chris is still pretty serious with his girlfriend, Christine. They see each other as much as possible and talk on the phone even more!!lol

I will post some current pictures a little later. Enjoy the site. Like I said..I will try to keep it updated!!

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BoufMom9 said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Love hearing the updates on all of your kiddies (we don't get to hear about your older ones that often)
Now, when the heck are we going away????