Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Morning at the Park I am not so good at this. My house is clearly not as interesting as some!!
On Tuesday we met Kelly, Mallory, and Jake, Beth, Brady, and Lilah at the park across from Kelly's house. We thought it was going to be warm, but the sun never came out and it was a bit windy. We did manage a few pictures from the park before we went to play inside Kelly's.

Sean was not digging the Swings so much. Owen on the other hand was loving it so much he almost fell asleep. Delaney had a great time playing with her friend, Mallory. She and Mallory are in the same preschool class, so they get to see each other very often. I saw Delaney being a "girl" first hand today. She and Mallory did not want "boys" (aka Brady) playing with them because "he is a boy"!! I felt really bad for Brady, but it is bound to happen, Right?