Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The rest of my VA Beach trip

Ok..My original plan was to out line each day with a different post, but so much is going on in the O'Laughlin house hold that I just am not finding the time. So I am going to finish my trip in this one post. Beware, it is long and it is a picture overload. As pointed out by Brandi, it has been a few days since I started my run down (however, I am not sure who the heck she thinks she is calling me out when she didn't post anything from 2/18 until she returned from our VA Beach trip on 3/8. Just because she has posted like 20 times since then...)!!

So I ended with the day on Friday. I am not sure how I forgot to mention the adventures of Friday night!! That is when Pukefest '08 started!! We moms were playing games and chatting. I heard Sean fussing and decided to go in a check on him. Only to discover PUKE, EVERWHERE!! The girls came to my rescue!! While I plopped Sean in the tub, Brandi and Debi proceeded to clean the mess of which Sean left behind. All of the comotion woke Owen, so Jane sat on the bed and snuggled Owen. After all was calm we all decided to head to bed. Only to be waken a couple hours later by more crying. I walked out to the livingroom to see if I could help, only to discover that Jane's little Henry had puked!! And by morning it hit her Owen.

However, in the morning (Saturday 3/3/08) all babies were fine!! Acting as if nothing had happened!! We had plans to meet up with Debbie and her family at Mt Trashmore, landfill turned park (I know, sounds gross, but it really was nice). Since the babies were not "acting sick" we decided to head on up!! It really was nice, minus the wind and seagulls!!

Owen was not digging the mulch on the ground at first, but he got used to it and started to enjoy himself.

I just want to point out again that Debbie's husband, Aron was great with the older kids. He played on the park with them and spent a lot of time pushing Delaney on the swings. He also climbed the side of "Mountain" with them (however he did make some smart ass comment about us climbing it with our strollers....) Debbie, please thank him for me a million times!!

King of the........Trash?
When we got back to the house, as Debi was getting Will out of the car to take him inside, he continued the trend of puking babies. All over him, Debi, the ground!! He was one pittiful little boy!!

Sunday we spent as a lazy day since all the babies were in and out of being sick... We waited around for Melissa to arrive with her boys Zach and AJ.

Sunday was also Sharlene's Bday!! We wish she were able to come with us to VA Beach, but since she is in CA she was not able to hop in the car and drive on over!lol She spent the day moving and was not very happy about that so we wanted to do a little something to cheer her up!!
So just for you, Shar, Emma being the only little girl there, was our resident naughty girl!!
Please notice that my boys are the only ones enjoying the table dance!! They really are their daddy's boys!!
Ok..I want to apologize to my family before hand for this next picture, but Delaney wanted to join in on the fun:
Delaney enjoyed a little pole dancing of her own!! I know, I know, I already said I was sorry!!
Monday morning we decided to hit the boardwalk. The weather man said it was going to be a little warmer, so we figured it would be the best day to do that. There was an awesome playground on the beach that we all enjoyed.

Before we left for The Boardwalk, Melissa started our dinner in the crockpot. We came home to the house smelling of homemade spag. Sauce!! I I must say it was DELICIOUS!! Thanks Melissa!

When we got up Tuesday morning, Melissa was almost packed and ready to go home. Durning the night one of her boys, I think Zach, starting with the pukes...She thought if they were going to get sick, they would be more comfortable at home.

Earlier in the week we saw an ad for a Deli that we decided we MUST visit. So that is where we went for lunch.

That is right, The PMS Deli!!
Where we all enjoyed some:

But is was the "Best sandwiches in Va Beach...Period" they can even "Deliver in a hot flash"! But I must admit that it was worth it because it truly was "Gratitude, without the Attitude"!!

NO...I did not make all of that up...that is their very own slogans!! I promise!
After leaving PMS we were going to go to a nearby park. When we got to the park all of the babies were sleeping, so we decided to home. Needless to say, Delaney was not happy about the promise of the park then not getting to play, so I promised her a walk on the beach when we got back to the house.

Once we arrived at the house, Debi informed us that Henry had puked all over the back seat of her truck!! Great!! Debi, I do apologize for leaving all of that to clean by yourself, but I had a pissed 3 yo on my hands that I needed to get to the beach before she had a real melt down!!

By the end of the night, the VA Beach Bug had hit Alex. Man, they are dropping like flies!!

Wednesday morning was a bit sad for me. I had spent an entire week with 2 wonderful girls and days here and there with some amazing women. It was an experience I will NEVER forget!! Internet friends are "real" friends and I will never condsider you as anything but great friends. A friendship that I hope last a long, long time!! I did not want it to end! I am never good with goodbye's. We got up, packed, cleaned the house and were on the road by 9:30.

It has been a week since I left these ladies. I miss them terribly and I am ready to start planning next year's reunion!! I only hope more of our friends can join us next time!!

But I must leave saying....

Love you!!


BoufMom9 said...

Don't worry about leaving me. LOL Hell hath no fury like a pissed off 3 yr old!
I miss you too and can not wait til we meet up again. I so won't hate coming to NC from now on. ;)

Jenn H said...

Thanks for finishing the recap finally, just teasin. Seriously I am so behind right now it's not even funny. Lets just say its been a week.

bestfamily said...

Hey keep forgetting...Connor was at the end of the table watching also! Loved all your pics, adn can't wait till we see each other again.