Monday, May 5, 2008

Cancun, Mexico~~Day 1

Wednesday was an early day. Our flight left at 7:30am, so we had to leave the house by 5:00am!! Have you ever wondered how they service the planes? Well, we got to watch them put all the food, drinks, etc on board while we waited to board.

We had a two hour layover in Atlanta, but once we hit the skies from there, it was a short trip across water and we started to see the colors of the water change.

We arrived at the Moon Palace, and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Could not ask for more!

Once we got there, GMAC had a nice reception set up for everyone. That is where it began!! At the reception we ran into our friends, Brian and Ashlee, that we met in The Bahama's last year.

The bartenders were mixing up some really nice drinks!

After the short reception, it was off to find our rooms.
It is a HUGE property, that was not an easy task!!

After a lot of walking, we found our home for the next 5 days!! The Pinata building, room 1520!

And the view was awesome! Every balcony had a hammock! Every room was semi-Oceanview!

Did I mention it was all inclusive? Check out the bar in the room!!

It was getting late, and we had a welcome dinner we had to attend that night. So we decided to just take a walk around the resort and check things out. We met up with Brian and Ashlee and walked the resort. Check out some of the pictures!

After the tour of the resort, we headed back to our room to get ready for The Welcome Dinner. Upon arrival of our room, we realized that we left our balcony door open. We had a visitor while we were gone. He snacked on our food and left us a little gift.

That is right, my friends. The damn black bird flew in our window, ate the apple then shit on the floor! Just Lovely!

The Welcome Dinner

The welcome dinner was on the beach. Actually in the sand!! Something I can say I have never done before. The tables and buffet were set up in the sand, just steps from the water! Awesome!

Don't worry, I did not eat all of the desserts by myself. The four of us shared!! I promise!!
OK..That took much longer than I had hoped it would!!! Stay tuned for Day 2!!
PS..I also have video, butI can't get it to upload. I will try to add it later!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun and lots to eat missed reading your blog well you were gone having fun ! how was the weather bet it was nice love the pics

BoufMom9 said...

WOOHOO! Looks awesome so far!
The food looked just AWESOME & HELLO mini bar! LOL

Jane said...

Awesome! You did a great job taking pictures. They are great quality and really nice! Looks lovely. So jealous.

Jenn H said...

SO GREEN!!!! Looks absolutely heavenly!!!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OHH i love it!!!!! it looks awsome,