Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jessica's class field trip

On Thursday, I chaperoned for Jessica's field trip. We went to the NC Aquarium at Ft Fisher and on an Island and Sound Exploration on Masonboro Island.

Jessica and Jenna in front of the aquarium
The day started out early. We had to be at Jessica's school at 6:00am to board the buses. We were taking a Chartered Bus.

We first went to the NC Aquarium at Ft. Fisher. When we arrived, they were waiting for us to do a short Dolphin/Whale informative. The students (and adults) were a bit disappointed because they/we were under the impression that we were going to see a dolphin show..nope.. we only saw pictures and actual bones. Still pretty interesting. Just not what we expected. Then we were released to the hounds...ok...the hounds were released to the aquarium. We had a little over an hour to visit the aquarium and the gift shop before we had to meet out front for a picnic lunch.

When you put a shell up to your ear to 'hear the ocean', do you know what you are really hearing? I didn't either until this trip. You are actually hearing the blood pumping through your ear!! Neat, huh?

After our lunch we had about 30 minutes to play by the ocean. The students were told NOT to get wet here. I was very surprised that we got on the but with only 1 wet student who "tripped and fell in!"
Then we headed to Carolina Beach Marina where we would continue our trip to Masonboro Island. This trip begins from Carolina Beach marina where we boarded the "Winner Cruise Queen", a 65' twin deck vessel. The boat travels Myrtle Grove Sound, Snow's Cut, the Intracoastal Waterway, and Carolina Beach Inlet. During the 30-minute ride out to Masonboro Island students will learned about the ecology of the beautiful estuary we traveled through.

Matt, one of our guides was a wealth of knowledge, and cute to boot!!

Once back on land we loaded out bus and headed home. We stopped at McDonald's for dinner and arrived back at the school at 8:00pm!! What a great trip. I am glad I was able to go with Jessica!


BoufMom9 said...

Such a good mom!
It looks like a great trip & a nice way to spend time with jess. :)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

WOW that sure was a Great trip!!!