Monday, June 16, 2008

4 year check up...

...2 months late (are you seeing a trend?)

4 years old!! I can't believe it! I can't believe my little Delaney is 4 years old!

so proud to show off her "karate shirt"
Her check up went really well today. They checked her eyes (20/30), they checked her hearing (perfect), and they got her height and weight.

Weight~34lbs 6oz (55%)
Height~ 41inches (80%)
They also gave me the option of getting the last of her immunizations. Of course, since I was there, I said go ahead and do it. Delaney was none to thrilled about that. But, it is done and she is ready for 2009!

hiding under the table after I told her she was going to have to get a shot!
Delaney did very well for her shots. Only crying for a second. I did have to hold her down. I can't believe what a big girl she is!
showing off her bandaids!
I did mention to the Dr. that Delaney is a horrible sleeper. That she snores VERY LOUDLY. After one glance at her tonsils, she suggest we see an ENT and that they just may want to remove them. So, I took the picture below for reference!

(ps. my family really hates that I take such odd pictures)


PoppyandMimi said...

those tonsils look every other O'Laughlin's.. time to yank them out! this little angel needs a hug from her Poppy XOXOXOXOXO

Debbie Moore said...

Wow those are some tonsils!! Love the bandaid they gave her. 4 - wow does sound so big, it goes way too quick!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, no wonder she snores, the poor little pet (my grandma always called us "pet", all 50 of her grand children!)It won't be much fun getting them out but she'll breathe and eat much better afterwards. She's darling, love her big brown eyes:)

BoufMom9 said...

oh! Poor delaney! Those tonsils look awful! SHEESH! No wonder she snores! (and to think I giggled at the poor girl for doing it. Bad mean Debi)
What a big girl taking her shots so well!
Can't believe how tall she is! (sure doesn't get it from her mama. LOL)

CC said...

I personally like the tonsil pic! Those are some huge tonsils! It barely looks like she has any room in there at all! Tell her she did great getting her shots and how brave she was!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hope she's feeling better soon!

cat said...

Take them out! The longer one waits the worse the pain is - ask my SIL who did it at age 24.

Christy said...

That looks like S's tonsils! Terrible! I hope they take them out for her. Poor S has to wait until she's 3 or 4 too. Sucks!

Amy W said...

Ow. That's all I have to say. They look painful.

Just the Eight of Us!! said...

Yes, her tonsils look like they could come out... My last baby just had hers out 2 months ago...and is the same age so any questions just ask!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that is going to be how much my boys weigh at the 18 mo check up!!!! Those are quite a set of tonsils...good luck at the ent!