Monday, June 16, 2008


That's right!! No Water! A water main broke in the area that supplies our town with all of it's water. This morning, while taking Delaney to school, I noticed these signs littered our little community! Actually, Sunday morning at 7am I got an automated call (a reverse 911 call) from the town saying, Don't use the water except drinking or cooking. What? No showers? No laundry? No washing dishes? I need to wash clothes, the sink is full! What does the number say when you call it? "You are screwed..pack your crap and leave" Ok..maybe that is not what it says. I actually didn't call, but still!! NO SHOWERS!! It is 98 degrees, IN THE SHADE!!

However, on my way back home from Delaney's 4 year check up (updates in next post), I noticed the signs were changed. And this is what they read!! Praise the Lord!!

When you go to the website, it says that you can do dishes, laundry, shower. We can pretty much do any indoor use, but all outdoor water use is PROHIBITED!! Up to $1000 fine!! Crap, that means I need to go do dishes and laundry!

Wanted to say thanks to Debi, who offered to let me and my children come stay with her for a week until all was fixed. Unfortunately, Jess is in year-round school and still has 2 more weeks of school left!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! Thank God! I didn't really want you here anyway! heehee
Just kidding!
I was secretly hoping it would stay enforced so that you would take a trip to NJ...

Amy W said...

My husband said tonight the signs are down...I wonder if we can use the water outside now???

And when are we going to get together SINCE WE LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN....:)

Anonymous said...

YIKES! Glad you are able to shower now...P-U!
Erin (at work!)