Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Writing Celebration!

Jessica had a writing celebration at school on Friday. Each student in her class got to pick their favorite writing assignment from the year to read. All of the parents were invited. Jessica read a graduation speech that she hoped to read at the graduation next week. However, only one student from each class was chosen to read their speech. Jessica, I thought yours was great!

There was one group of kids who did a little play/skit that was too cute! They wrote it themselves. In this picture, the two boys are in jail for stealing a diamond.

This kid had, what I thought, was the best of the day. The very last line went something like this (I wish I had it on video). "I came into the 5th grade a geeky little boy, but I am leaving with lots of friends and memories" pumping his chest twice and giving the peace sign "peace out"! All of the other students were just cracking up and I think the parents really liked it as well!

Half way through, they had a little intermission where Jessica helped serve cookies and punch.

Delaney LOVED the cookies.

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BoufMom9 said...

OH! That sounds like fun! I LOVE when schools are so into writing!!!
Are you going to post Jess' speech???