Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's all about TUESDAY!

An update

Tuesday had surgery to put in her central line, a bone marrow asperstion (removing bone marrow by a needle to analyze) and a biopsy (removal of part of the tumor to analyze it).

Tuedsay was scheduled to go in for a bone scan and ultrasound. Found out her lung was being squished by the tumor so instead needed to be put back under general and was transfered to PICU where she remained intibated. Fluid was found in her belly. They thought maybe the Tumor bleeding out from biopsy so they were talking about emergency surgery.

So over night they were filling her with fluids which she was retaing (kidneys weren't filtering fluid). 3rd spacing (fluid isnt in the cells or in the veins, it isn't able to be filtered out by the kidneys). Because of all the extra fluid, the tumor was getting push up higher into her lung so breathing was getting sketchy and her CO2 levels were dangerously high.

She is now totally stable, fluid has been passed thanks to a drug called Lasix. She looks so much better. Has not needed extra doses of morphine. Just her steady dose. She is on small amount of oxygen.

Tuesday was scheduled for her first round of Chemo this weekend.

Prayers are still needed. Also, remember the two ways that have been set up to help the family. One by donating money directly to the family (just click the 'donate' on the right of my blog. The other is by purchasing a T-shirt (button is also on the right of the blog)

Tuesday, please know that there are a lot of people praying for you. I know you can beat this!


cat said...

Thanks for the update. Will keep her in our prayers and thoughts.

Deanna said...

Thank you for the update.... poor little sweetie.

I will be sure to keep her in our prayers.