Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hershey, PA Day 4

The Park! Finally we get to go to The Park! Tuesday morning, once again, Scott had meetings, so the kids and I got up and headed over to Hershey Park. I thought that since the boys have been getting so excited to see buses lately, that they would love the chance to ride on one (the shuttle from the hotel to the park). Boy was I wrong! Sean FLIPPED. Owen wasn't as bad. And that was a preview of how the day was going to go, or at least I thought!

First, Let's get sized up to see what we can ride.

The boys were miniatures, but wouldn't stand there for pictures.

First ride was the traditional carousel. I tried to get the boys to go on it, but neither wanted anything to do with it, so we watched as Jess and Delaney rode. However, I quickly realized that this was like no other carousel and I was GLAD we didn't get on. It was THE FASTEST I have ever seen (I think Delaney was a bit nauseous when she got off) . Therefore, not many good pictures!

Delaney was fearless...she wanted to ride everything in sight and Jess was a great big sis and rode them all right along with her.

Jess was able to ride the bumper cars, and I can tell you, Delaney was none too happy to hear that she was not big enough to ride.

We finally talked the boys into riding the train. Which I thought was just a short little ride, but it went around about 1/4 of the park. Which was nice, because it rode by a little section of the park that I had not seen that had more little rides in it.

The train opened up all kinds of doors for Owen. He was ready to ride! However, we still could not convince Sean that it would be fun.

Right after this, the storms came a rollin' in and the rides were shut down. Scott got there about the same time. We ducked into a little shop and waited it out. Once it slacked off a bit, we headed over to a pizza joint and ate some lunch. Once the rain stopped and all the rides dried up, we headed out again. Daddy put Owen on a ride that he was not very fond of and Delaney was very concerned for her little brother. Owen was very cautious about rides after this.

We rode the Hershey kiss tower. It went up, up, and up. Then 'round and 'round. We could see the entire park...

...and our hotel.

Finally, Sean found a ride he would ride...and ride...and ride!

I bet by the end of the day they rode the "mack trucks" 20 times. It was great! The rain scared everyone away and there were no waits on the rides. There were several times they didn't even get off between rides. The entire time the boys rode the mack trucks, the girls were on the Frog Hopper.

Now it was time for Jessica to find some roller coasters that she has been waiting so patiently for. I was nominated to ride the first one with her. And guess what? Delaney was tall enough to ride.
Waiting in line...

there is a ground shot

here we are making the big climb

Delaney loved it...she wanted to ride and ride. But we had more to see and do.

After dinner (which is a post I will save and do separately), a friend that Jessica made at the hotel (remember this was a company trip, Scott works (not directly) with her dad) stayed with us to ride more rides with Jessica. They rode just about every roller coaster there was to ride. Some 2 and 3 times. There were NO lines. They could get off, run back to the line and only have to wait for one trip around and they were back on it. It was a roller coaster enthusiast's dream.

Here is another picture of one that Delaney was able to ride.

(you can see the sea of blue near the front of the coaster)
Here is another ride they must of ridden a million times.

And just because it is so darn cute and I couldn't resist.

~~Hula Sean~~

You can tell I had a hard time picking just a few pictures to post. They all had so much fun and rode so many rides. Thanks VADA for a great vacation!

Stay tuned for day 5. I met up with a good friend and a fellow blogger.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I have a lot of pics to choose from!!! Aunt Karen

cat said...

Oh wow, the girls are just fearless. I love parks but I am not a roller coaster enthusiast, and neither is Hunter. Our poor kids!

BoufMom9 said...

HOLY cow! What an awesome day and now I know for sure I need to take the kids there this year! How fun!

LOVE the blue shirts! Can't lose those in a crowd :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics with the boys driving the BIG TRUCK! Looks like both of them was having a ball!
Glad Delaney was watching out for her brother on the other ride.

Love you all!