Sunday, June 29, 2008

Elementary School Graduation

I can't believe it! My little girl is done with her last day of elementary school. A rising 6th grader. Going from the big fish in the school to the bottom of the food chain. Friday, she had her graduation at school then a little reception after. Congratulations Jess, I can't tell you how very proud we are of you!

The rising 6th graders singing "Hero"

The lighting inside was HORRIBLE so I have zero good pictures of the actual graduation, but here are a few from the reception, which was outside.

Scott and Jess

Me and Jessica

Jesscia and her teacher, Ms. Olin

Jess and my mom

OK..this post was doing some funky things and I could not get it to format the way I wanted it to. Sorry for the way it looks.


Cheryl Lage said...

No apologies, the pictures are WONDERFUL! Congratulations, Jess!

The Collins Family said...

Congrats Jess! (and mama for getting her to this point!!)

TONYA said...

Congratulations Jess. Good luck next year.

BoufMom9 said...

Congrats Jess!

Oh, and terri, boy, does she look JUST like you!!! HOLY!

Deanna said...

YAY!!! Congratulations to Jessica!!

Great pictures!!! You both are beauties!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you look beautiful!!! What a great phot of you and Mom. We are all very proud of your eggorts this year.. Congratulations. Love

Debbie Moore said...

Congrats Jessica!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Congratulations JESS!