Monday, June 9, 2008

Jimmy Buffett

The Day Finally Arrived!! Saturday was the Jimmy Buffett Concert! And all I can really say is we had a blast. We went with Dan and Dorie (Dan from "No Wheezing the Juice), Roger and JoAnne, Jenny (Cancun), My good friend, Tracy (Dancing on the cooler) and Scott's parents, Tom and Linda.

Saturday morning Scott and I went to pickup the rental so we could all go in one car.

That is right, we rented "A Big Sexy Van" (hehe, you know who you are)

As everyone knows, the best part of Buffett concert is the tailgating. We arrived at the parking lot just after 3:00. Of course, we didn't like where the parking attendant parked us, so we pulled away and found our own parking spot (much to his dismay). THE~BEST~SPOT~IN~THE~LOT!! We were under a large oak tree and since it was 100 degrees (plus humidity) on Saturday it was PERFECT. We managed to get the van unpacked and the site set up in no time flat. We were all business (we all had one thing on our mind~~drinking)

You can see "Big Sexy" to the right with our two tents up!
yes, that is me in the blue tank!

Scott mixed up some mean margaritas in my "Margarator". They really got the party started.

Dan cooked "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" for everyone to make sure there was a good base to handle all of the beverages we were about to consume.

The best conversation piece of the day had to have been the cardboard cutout we had. It was fun just to watch people work up enough nerve to ask to have their picture taken.

of course we didn't really charge...or did we?

starting at the top:
Linda & Tom, Terri & Scott
Linda, Dan & Dorie, Tracy
Jenny & her date?, JoAnn and Roger
Terri & Tracy
In the 15 minutes that I was sitting in the chair next to the board, I got these pictures of random strangers having their pictures taken

Around 7pm, after one last toast,

we decided to pack up shop and head inside (guess it isn't really inside since it is an outdoor amphitheater, but you know what I mean). That took a little longer than the unpacking, but when we were done, it looked like this:

kinda of resembles this, doesn't it?

Dan, I told you "No More Wheezing the juice"

Now you've gone and pissed off the shark!!

"Can't you feel 'em circling?"

I know what you are thinking..."Wow, this day has gone on with out any drama" Not so fast, on the way to the gates, I decided I needed to go pee. Well, the lines at the porta potties were just too long, especially since there were miles and miles of woods. Well, once out of the woods, I reached into my pockets and guess what was NOT there!! "Holy Shit, I've lost the tickets!, Crap!" Scott did not stop with us, so while I was trying to call him on his cell, Roger went into the woods to try to find them (two guys walked in just as I walked out and I didn't want to be looking around while they were up there). Anyway, Roger came out of the woods shaking his head. "Shit, now what?" Roger went back into the woods to pee, he took a look to his left and guess what my Roger found? Man, I love you, Roger!

So in we went. We found our seats under "John Deere Lawn 1" (you know your are in North Carolina when the amphitheater is named after a tractor)

Let me tell you, this place was freakin' packed!!

I have a few more pictures from inside and a few videos, but you will have to check back tomorrow to see those!


TONYA said...

OMG those photos are hilarious. Love that you took your margarita mixer with you. Too funny. What a fabulous day.

BoufMom9 said...

O.M.G!!!! You are such a smart ass!!!!
I wish I was there!!!! OMG! It looks like so much fun! HOLY!!!
Can.not.wait. until you are here and we go out!!!!!

bestfamily said...

Glad ya had fun at the concert.

Erin said...

Looks like a really fun day! Love the recap!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Ohh what a fun day you had!!!!!

CC said...

awesome!!! Love Jimmy Buffet! Sure looks like you had the best time ever!!!

Debbie Moore said...

How much fun!!! I am so jealous! LOVE the pictures!

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